Cover artwork for A Degree in Nonsense

Hi there! My name is Josh Hobbs. Through my years studying at college, I frequently questioned why I needed to take many of the classes that were required. I understood the importance of learning to learn, but I sometimes felt like I was getting a degree in nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I think college education is of high importance and extremely valuable. But, by nature, I am a procrastinator. I can't tell you the number of "breaks" I took to scroll through foreign countries on Google Maps when I should've been writing an essay.

I've always been taught to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Obviously, spending time to learn things that might be considered "useless" in a practical sense isn't good if it's disrupting important practical accomplishments. But that does not mean it is of no value. If everything we devoted ourselves to in life was consequential, we'd loose our mind. There is need for unstructured inconsequentiality (a term that I coin myself ;P).

I have made this podcast as a way to receive entertaining, interesting, yet trivial information that excites our creativity, and stimulates thoughtfulness. This way, you can do your practical things, but indulge in fun nonsense with me at the same time.